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The GRE is often regarded as more difficult than the ACT and SAT because, while the GRE math is at a lower level than the SAT and ACT math, the GRE features more hard vocabulary and reading passages, and the math problems have trickier language or need higher-level thinking.

As a result, while the GRE is more demanding than college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, it is less tough than graduate admissions exams like the MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT. In the following sections, we’ll look at what makes the GRE difficult, as well as what components of the test may make it easier than you think.

GRE has become a farce in India thanks to Covid.

GRE is now an online and take-at-home test in many countries thanks to Covid. Making it easy to defraud.

Aspirants in India who are just finishing their undergrad are paying some GRE-cracker 40,000 INR ($660) for a proxy, which lets them attain a score of 325-330 on average and 331-335 if 100,000 INR ($1340) is paid.

Even if their GPA is lower than others, these kids obtain seats in top 3 to 5 universities and get outstanding jobs with these scores of 325-335. They will be able to obtain prominent jobs in reputable companies as a result of the brand value of these top colleges.

Is this really good for the country’s reputation?

Is this fair to students who study hard for the exam and get the grades they want?

Is ETA aware of these facts?

Is there any action being taken against people who were caught or became famous as a result of the scam?

In these types of situations, what are the corrective and preventative measures taken?

Not only that, but folks who have lately learnt about this scam have a slew of other inquiries. As a result, it’s critical to stick to the appropriate advice throughout the process of pursuing your ambition of studying abroad. And there are only a few consultancies in India that truly assist students with training, practise, and delivering appropriate solutions.

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