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UK – Study Destination for Indian Students

January 26, 2023BY Santy ( 0 ) Comment

UK – Study Destination for Indian Students

In the Recent years, thousands of Indian Students have decided to pursue higher education abroad. With so many, hundreds of universities and institutions to choose from, choosing the right college can prove to be a challenging endeavor. To pick the right course, institution, university and location, students need to consider a number of important factors – a decision that could potentially change their lives.

For many years, the UK has been an extremely popular foreign education destination for Indian students. Especially in recent years, India has been sending more and more students to UK universities. Last year alone there were about 1.25 lakh Indian students that were issued a visa to the UK which was almost two times more than previous years. With a success rate of near 100% for student visas in UK universities for Indians, there is no surprise to see such numbers.

As a result of a strong academic curriculum, the UK has always been recognized internationally for the quality of its education. A graduate of a UK university will not only receive a degree from an institution recognized internationally, but will also be able to establish a valuable network of friends and mentors during their academic career.

With its strong focus on research, facilitated by its world-class incubation and transformation resources, the UK stands apart from other higher education systems around the world.

Higher education institutions in the UK have strong ties to industry, which offers students access to relevant and influential networks.It is therefore of great value to graduates to obtain an education in the UK in order to enhance their career prospects.

There are few important factors that make the UK one of the best best destinations for Indian students aspiring to study abroad.

Great Opportunities –

 As a result of the UK’s Graduate route policy that was introduced mid last year, the UK has gained popularity amongst Indian students. After completing a degree at a UK university, international graduates are eligible to remain in the UK for two years to work or seek employment. Doctoral (Ph.D.) candidates are eligible for a three-year post-study work visa.Consequently, Indian students wishing to gain work experience in the UK will have more opportunities to do so.In addition, the UK offers several opportunities for international students to gain valuable professional experience during their studies through internships and placements, allowing them to launch their careers at the beginning of their studies.

New Policies-

By mutual recognition, British qualifications can be accepted more smoothly in India and Indian students with degrees from the UK are able to pursue further studies, research, or employment back home, whether in the public sector or the private sector. Additionally, the Indian government will permit students with UK degrees to participate in lateral entry schemes for the recruitment of candidates for senior positions.

Credibility –

The UK’s commitment to providing students with a balanced learning experience and outlook enables them to innovate and perform in the most dynamic of situations.In addition to its world-renowned educational institutions, the university offers guidance and mentorship to its graduates following graduation, enabling them to develop successful careers after graduation.

Low Cost –

In comparison to some of the other well-liked foreign education destinations, the UK often provides education at a lower average cost. The availability of one-year master’s programmes, which can be very affordable, is another significant point to be made. As a result of not having to pay tuition or living expenses for a second year, as is the case with the traditional two-year courses offered in various other countries, students are able to earn in the form of opportunity cost. This is because they can obtain highly sought-after credentials and enter the job market within just one year. Numerous scholarships for Indian students are also offered by UK universities and the British government, either singly or collectively. 

Liveability –

It can be intimidating to move to a new nation to study. However, UK institutions help students navigate a network of communities made up of professors, mentors, and overseas students, enabling them to engage with people who share their perspectives and origins. Students have access to both intellectual and emotional support through these networks.

The UK, a melting pot of global viewpoints, cultures, and experiences, gives students a fantastic opportunity to walk the path of self-discovery. Students are exposed to a philosophic concoction of art, literature, people, fashion, and culture. Students can also experience the UK’s gorgeous countryside and ancient cities while sampling international cuisine.

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