About Express Visa:

Xpress Visa’s started its services in the year 2015 from the journey of inception the Xpress Visa has made a ground breaking presence in the overseas consulting industry. It has further expanded its range of services and moved into other business verticals. The founder with a decade experience made XV as a one of the most prominent and successful overseas education consultancies in India. We expertise in career shaping, career growth using state of the art applications and technology. 

We at Xpress visa believe in delivering our services with utmost quality. Our team consists of expert counsellors who craft an individual's journey from start till the end of process helping them with career counselling, choice of universities and admission requirements. The process includes sessions with the student and their parents to make an in-depth analysis on abroad education. we provide guidance of all their issues and concerns in regards to the students journey which is one of the most value-added services of Xpress visa. In the past years, Xpress Visa has become one of the leading educational consultants which has acquired a record-breaking statistic in placing its students in various reputed universities across the globe. We conduct regular seminars, webinars and Education fairs with the student and their parents to understand their needs and assist the same with utmost patience and quality. Also, this assistance extends during the student's journey to their overseas destination.

Our Mission

Xpress Visas main mission is to primarily focus on achieving a high visa success rate by incorporating innovative methods and taking informed decisions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Below are our strengths which contribute towards our success.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with all our stakeholders, partners and clients.
  • Providing right education & career path guidance to all the aspiring individuals.
  • Identifying the right university and facilitating admission procedures.
  • Hassle-free admission and visa process.
  • Proper financial requirement explanation to parents to overcome the burden of repayment


Xpress Visa has always work towards crafting an individual's journey from start to the end. We serve as a one stop to identify and enhance an individual's skill set by collaborating with various universities to conduct personalized sessions with all the aspiring students and understand their thought process which helps identify and achieve their desired goals. We had dispelled all the Myths usually associated with overseas education to door step of every student. Our professional team with transparent counselling and unbiased knowledge will lead you to 100% in success.

Our Core Beliefs

Xpress Visa’s fundamental belief is to guide and dictate behaviour to people for making informed decisions. Xpress Visa Core values also helps our employees to determine if they are on the right path of providing education and career guidance to our clients.

Service focused
Quality service
Team work
Cultural diversity
Achieving excellence

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